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West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Adopted Horses
Val's Fantasy (aka Fanny) APHA mare- Fanny passed through the hands of a couple of different people who helped her along the way until she arrived here. She came around quickly with dental care and a proper diet, and now is being spoiled by the Harvey family, with pasture mate Danny who was also adopted from us.
Two sweet ponies! Easter is a 2yr old Welsh pony cross who arrived in late May, his mom Buttercup is 14 and arrived about 6 weeks later. Both had foundered, but quick medical attention by their former owners gives them a good chance at recovery. We put 20 tons of sand in an arena for them, and the extra gentle surface really helped their sore feet.

Easter and Buttercup have found a new home. We were very fortunate in finding a family who was able to adopt them together. They are now living in Sidney, Ohio, with an orphaned colt. We'll miss having them around, but know they are now in a home where they'll get the attention they deserve. Thanks Charles and Cathy!!
Cabeza - Mustang, a smaller dun gelding at 13.3 hands. He is the last of the horses we purchased at sale 8-8-04. We buy exclusively against the slaughter guys to bring home 8 horses, most of which we've now found homes for. He should be papered through the BLM, but we did not get any papers. He's probably going to need a more experienced rider despite his small size. After trying him under saddle, we would describe him as greenbroke at best. Nice little horse, we love his coloring! Cabeza  is now at home with Debbie & pasturemate Molly!
We didn't get a name for this 5 yr old bay Standardbred gelding. Has been ridden bareback, very mellow, easy to handle. Not a flattering picture! He's a very nice horse, has a freezemark on his neck. Thanks to George Carter for taking this guy home! He rode very well under saddle, just needs a little practice. He's now known as "Rocky" and went home with George.
Jazzy - Sweet little paint filly, she'd injured a stifle in December 06, has been recovering on stall rest. She arrived when her family adopted Red (above), as they were not sure Jazzy would recover for jumping. She was immediately spoken for by local friends who had been searching for a smaller horse for their daughter to show!
2-5-08 Nick joined Gaitway Therapy in Belle Center, OH. Thanks to Renee & Amy, they came to visit Nick to see if they thought he'd be a good fit for their program. He can be head shy, so a slow approach is best. His ground manners are impeccable, and his former owner said he loves kids as well, (we don't have any young children around). They will be slowly working with him before introducing him to their riders. We hope to see Nick around, Gaitway is not far from us. We like their personalized approach to kids & horses. July 08 update - Nick cleaned up at the Logan County Fair! Nick is current;y with the Boy family, still cleaning up in ribbons at the fair!

Molly - mustang filly. She was originally purchased by a Bed & Breakfast for guests to ride. She's a little green for that, and mustangs tend to do better working with one person rather than being ridden by new people often. She's very friendly, always comes right to us when turned out. She's not very big, approx. 14 hands. Cute little filly! Mustangs are by far one of the easiest breeds to keep. They hold their weight, tolerate poor weather, and are very versatile. Molly would be great for someone who likes a horse that LOVES attention.Great brakes, neck reins a little, she's green but has potential! Pictured 7-24-08 w/ Mike riding. Adopted!
10-08 - Bullet (aka Stylez) has gone to the Carnes family to join other former adoptees Chex & Penny (pictured @ left). He's still on the mend from his terrible hoof condition, but is shaping up and shuld be ready to ride in the spring.

Penny was a boarded horse whose owners surrendered her when they moved out of state. Thanks Amber!
11-18-09 Sonny - Registered Morgan gelding, 13 yrs old, approx. 15 H. Nice horse, was used for pleasure/trails. Easy to handle, but prefers women over men. Owners are relocating to Denver, they didn't want to part with him but can't take him along. I sadled him up, stands great for tacking, rode very nice. He's a lot of fun, big strides and very responsive. Email for more info! 12-2-09 Sonny has gone to his new home already, I knew he wouldn't be here long.
This guy didn't stay around long! Gabriel, formerly known as "The Buffalo" was adopted as a first horse (and 15th anniversary present) by Sandra from Akron. Although a big horse at 16.1H, he is easy to handle under saddle. Sandra updates that she loves her new horse, and he's doing very well. We wish Sandra and Gabe the best in the future, and hope they have many happy years together.
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