Our Facility
West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Newer barn, Contains eleven 12' x 12' stalls & a tack area.
For breaking/training we use a 60' round pen, and a 90' x 140' outdoor arena.
Original barn, we've added an addition & have 4 new stalls (2 are pictured above right), the middle photo is of smaller stalls currently used for our goat's, mini's & ponies. The old barn has 7 stalls ranging from 8x8 to 10x12, It's used for smaller animals and as a quarantine barn. We also have two open areas in this barn for horses who don't handle stalling well (usually horses with arthritis or EPM type problems that get stiff if they don't have room to roam). They can be left in large open areas inside out of the weather, and have access to turn out lots if needed. We have 5 pastures, ranging from just over an acre, to the largest of 8 acres.  We have a total of 166 acres, including woods, pasture & farmed ground.

The barn to the right came with the farm next door, it's solid as the day it was built in 1890. We use it for hay & equipment storage, We've repainted it roof and all & working to make it more horse friendly.

We are continuously rotating and adding pastures to keep grazing to a maximum!