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Ellie (LE Forever)- registered standardbred filly. Suffered a broken pelvis from a track accident. Two vets have given the ok to ride her, but we've never tried, just too many other horses to get started. She was a little wound up when she arrived from having been stalled for a year, but has been a mellow resident here for approx. 5 yrs. She's really calmed down and warmed up to people! We had our farrier shoe Ellie on the shorter rear leg to try to level her out a bit. The injured side hip slants off and that leg is shorter. A pad with a shoe build her up. She gets around great! Free to companion only home! Adoption agreement still required.
Heidi - I purchased Heidi years ago from a post I saw on line. She was unhandled, and it took a couple of trips to get her loaded. She is very spooky, and does best working with one person. She was adopted and ridden by a 12 yr old boy and did well for him. She has recently been returned as her owners lost the property they were keeping her on. This picture is from 2009, she hasn't been ridden for a couple of years, I'll start her back under saddle in the spring. Adopted!! Heidi has gone home with one of our veterinarians!
Brazen Lady -  She has been under saddle, but will need a lot of time to get her going well. She seems to prefer working with one person consistently. Starting a 10 yr old mare is no easy task! Brazen Lady arrived 2-13-10. TB mare expecting a foal. She was one of the group bought at a slaughter sale in Michigan. In summer she sheds out to a beautiful grulla color. Lady is in the rear here, with her filly in front. 

Lady went back into training last winter, she is coming along nicely, but I'd still call her green. She does act like a mare! Nice size for someone who likes a smaller TB, she's about 15.1 H.
Raya - Mustang mare (kiger) - Currently in training with Adam Black Horsemanship. Raya is a smart little mare, very stout, approx. 14.3H. Raya needs consistent work & riding, with my work schedule we are just not keeping up. She will have 60 days training complete early December 2017. Raya will be offered for sale, not adoption as she did not come in under contract and we want to recoup some of our training expenses.
Chet - 10 yr old standardbred gelding. Broke to ride and drive, he retired from the track with a coffin bone injury. He has been sound on it since he was rehabbed after the injury. He is currently being fostered to keep another adopted horse company. 8-9-13 Chet has found a home! He was adopted by a local family who had adopted from us years ago. "Old Joe" had been a great first horse, but passed away. Chet will make an excellent step up for his young rider!
Baby has found a home! She's getting more groundwork and should be under saddle soon. Brazen Ladys 2010 filly (pictured here summer 2012), we still call her "Baby". Sweet little gal ready to be started. She has never been trailered, and wants no part of one. She is a laid back filly, not going to be very tall (for a TB). She's approx 15H. 
"Chewie" - I brought this guy home from the auction Dec 1st, 2012. He's really thin, and the worst wind sucker we've ever seen. According to the coggins paper the vet did at the sale, he's 8. However, when I looked up his tattoo, it said 22! He's a nice old guy, I assume broke but way too thin to put a saddle on.
Futurre - (yes...two "R's") 17 year old arabian gelding. He is a tiny little thing, easiest keeper ever. Has been ridden trails. He needs a small rider, he is probably not quite 14H. I have a grazing muzzle on him, to prevent founder or getting too fat. Recommend for an experienced kis or small adult, he is an arab, with typical arabian traits. Aug 2015 Futurre (AKA Prince) has gone to a local family.
10-7-13 Chewie has found a home! Picture at right is from a Labor Day parade, he did awesome for his first parade! He will be the first horse of a 15 yr old boy. 8-3-13 I rode Chewie with a bareback pad, he did awesome. He doesn't neck rein much, not sure if he was never taught or he's just out of practice. He is still a little thin on the top line, but probably won't get much more weight being a cribber. We have not tried a collar on him, but I'd bet that would take care of it. He's 22 yrs old, and would make a great farm or trail horse for someone who likes to keep it at a walk or trot. He doesn't seem to be interested in cantering. 
Fancy - Arab/QH cross, 17 yrs old. I bought her at auction last spring, underweight and looking rough. She is in great health now and ready for a home. She is a little hot, but doesn't buck, bolt etc. Was told she had been trail ridden. I've ridden her in the arean and in open fields, she does fine. I've ridden saddled and bareback. I have never been able to get her to lope while riding, she just trots faster. She tears around the pasture daily, so I know she can! Smaller mare, in the 14H range. Easy to catch in the pasture! Fancy has been adopted!
Titan - 14 yr old TW gelding, a big, stout boy who is blind in one eye. Titan has been ridden trails, and in a parade. He was one of my favorite trail mounts until he got spooked loading into an unfamiliar trailer. He's now shy loading except for in larger trailers. He does not handle well in a stall (feels pressured due to the vision loss).He's been ridden by kids and beginners on our farm. He does need to be handled regularly. We saddled him up for the 1st time in about months & he reared. Not typical of this guy, but he's had the summer off while we worked on projects.
Jane - Stout little mustang mare, She's been here a while, we've worked with her under saddle some, but she needs consistent work. She's head shy, but likes people and will be all up in your business whenever you're in the barn or pasture, A friend was going to work with her, but decided to get a driving horse instead. She's the easiest keeper ever, excellent project horse and is registered with a brand. March 2016 - Jane has been adopted!
3-4-16 Marley - picked up as an owner abandonment January 2015. Marley suffered a pretty bad leg injury fighting with fence last summer. She is healed up and sound, but her leg will remain thick in the area and has a scar. She's been started under saddle and is doing well. Marley has been adopted, she'll be heading off to college for an equine program!
Spice - Arrived as a starvation case, 17 yr old Morgan cross mare. We got her up to weight over winter, but have not tried her under saddle. She is blind in one eye, not a very big horse, around 14H. I'll post updates once I get her saddled. Spice has also been treated for EPM, she will be a companion horse only. I never did saddle her up, but she is generally just a cranky mare who doesn't like to be touched.
Molly - Sweet little halfie cross I purchased at auction. She has issues in the hind end, 2 vets have not been able to determine the problem, but our chiropracter has worked on her with great results. She'd make a great little companion, very easy keeper. Thanks to the McClain family for giving Molly a home!