West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
3-16 "Old Joe" - He's a TW who came in last fall with Lady, and has been wintering at a friends in Kenton, he just returned this evening. He was ridden by the neighborhood kids, and behaved well while there. They have recently purchased a new horse and don't have the extra stall any longer. He has been trail ridden extensively over the years, and is still sound for light trail riding. He is older, so wouldn't be good for heavy riding. Free to a good home! Adoption greements are still required on horses whose fee's are waived. ADOPTED!

Slick Impulsions -  4 yr old QH, was treated for EPM. "Wilson" was adopted last year, he's too big & intimidating for the young girls of his adoptive family. Owner is also possibly looking at an out of state transfer so he's coming back. We had treated him for EPM, we'll be tuning him up under saddle. We always loved his laid back personality on the ground. 3-4-08 - We picked Wilson up, he has really matured and filled out! He's now 16H, the Kohler family took great care of him & he looks awesome. He is still lacking coordination in the rear, we're going to try ground & saddle work to see if we can strengthen him up. Adoption fee waived - out on trial to the Roberts family 3-29-09.
Feather~ She'd been with us for a couple of years, and has been with her adoptive family for approx. 2 yrs. Sweet 11 yr anglo-arab, but with issues-blind in one eye from a thorn injury, weak knee, and an old break above her tail. Sounds bad, but she is nice to ride! She can handle light riding, fine at walk/trot. We'd LOVE to find Feather her permanent home! She is higher maintenance, she turns in circles often to see whats going on around her, so is hard on stall bedding. We find she prefers being left in the aisles at night where she's out of the weather but not too confined. Doesn't kick, bite etc. Great attitude, & rides nicely on trail or in the pasture. 3-16-09 Feather wasn't around long, she went with the Dunne family, hope she works out! Danielle is going to learn to ride.

Heidi - 6 year old APHA mare. It took 2 trips to get her caught &  loaded, she's not so bad once you have her caught. She's spent most of her life in a pasture, the last year has been handled more but owner had too many other projects to spend a lot of time on her. Cute mare in good health, just needs worked. 6-25 Heidi has come home from the trainer - she's started under saddle but green. She hasn't bucked or reared, but will bolt a few steps when spooked. Needs an experienced person to keep training her. We bought Heidi, paid 5 months board, then for 30 days training. We have invested much more than normal, adoption fee will be higher than usual. Picture at left taken 7-28-08. Heidi ha s gone to a new home in Kenton, as always, her adoptive family has 45 days to make sure she'll be a good fit.
Tess - 15 yr old TB mare. Very quiet, well broke. She is recovering from a bowed tendon in the rear, light riding only per vet until June. She's a nice one, not many TB's I would feel comfortable setting a small child on! Tess has gone home with the Jackson family, we hope she works out!