West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Vickie-3 yr old QH. We are working on her hooves, one was damaged when she threw a shoe, they all are short and she has an abcess that just broke through on the front left. We're soaking nightly and have her on a hoof supplement. Otherwise in good shape and very pretty dark grey.Needs to gain weight and muscle, that will come when her feet are better and she's able to be worked. Is not broke, we'll be starting her out here. I saddled her up once, she did very well! I think she'll come along nicely, just needs some saddle time when she's getting around better.ADOPTED! Vickie (aka Heidi) is at her new home with Ron & Gay. They loved her gentle nature.
Adopted! Devon joined the Logan's as a companion for Jessie. We'll see this spring how he does for riding, he'll be on pasture rest over the winter. He's a 10 yr old QH cross. Was doing well as a jumper, but a shoulder injury ended his jumping career. Big horse, high spirited, and very nice looking. Devon is ABSOLUTELY NOT TO BE JUMPED AGAIN for his safety as well as the rider. He adopts under special terms, his former owner would like to keep track of him & be in contact with his new family. 10-30 I saddled Devon up, he behaved well but just a few laps walking in the round pen and he was in obvious discomfort, I'm right at 100 lbs, so not a hard ride or a heavy load.

Izzy - This little filly was most likely born with the back sway. We outbid the meat guys to bring her home for $100.00 (she was about to sell for $10 before I jumped in, then got into a bidding war). We're hoping diet & exercise will help, but she may not be suitable for riding. She is a sweetheart! 10-9-05 Izzy is growing in leaps and bounds, and her back is straightening out as she grows. Most likely will always have some sway, but being out in the pasture & normal growing have greatly improved her topline.  1-28 Looks like Izzy will be staying with the Babjaks!! She was fostered to provide company for a lonely horse, and they decided to keep her.
ADOPTED! Congratulations Jen on your first horse! 1-28-06 Sadie ~ Finally gave her a name and saddled her up! She is broke to ride, was not flighty or hard to handle under saddle, some prancing around while we were saddling her though. 12 year old Standardbred mare, she's a nice looking horse and high spirited. She does have a condition called "roaring", does not affect her health in any way, just makes an odd noise on occaision, a common condition in standardbreds. She does have a lip tattoo, so was most likely a sulky racer, should know how to drive! I'm sure she knows the basics.  Adoption fee $350.
Adopted Horses
Skeedoe - Adorable little pony gelding with trust issues. He's easy to handle, but gets very nervous around people. His former owner thinks he had been mishandled at some point, we agree. He trembles like a leaf if he's approached to quickly, but settles right down as soon as you have ahold of him. He leads well, stands for grooming and the farrier. Sweet little pony, he just needs some extra TLC until he learns that he isn't going to be mistreated. Skeedoe's adoption fee is $300.00. 5-7-06 Skeedoe has found a home! He went to live with the Murphy family, who have adopted from us in the past. Skeedoe will be a companion to their other mare and also a 1st pony for their daughter.
6-2-06 ADOPTED!! Thanks to Jill Bowles and family for giving CJ a new home! He will be a companion to their other horse Sophie and a horse to ride trails. Jill liked his high spirit. Arrived 3-4-06 Cracker Jack (CJ) He's a 14 yr old gelding, Quarter Horse/Arab cross. Was raised from birth by his former owner. With a new baby and no place to keep him, she needed to have him moved from his location in Bowling Green. He is broke to ride, needs an experienced youth or adult rider, not a horse for a little kid or beginner.
Juicy Secret - Registered TB gelding that came with a group from an auction out of Michigan. Juice hasn't been handled, and is pretty high strung. He's got a lot of filling out to do as well. 7-11 Thanks Courtney for taking Juice home!

ADOPTED! Thanks to the Miller family, we hope Glory fits in with their other TW's! Glory - 14 Yr  old Tennessee walking mare. 15.2 Hands, trail safe, has been ridden by kids. She's a great one! Can act like a typical mare, has kicked a pasturemate in the past. Stands well to be tacked and mounted, sensible, trailers great. She leans towards the heavy side, VERY easy keeper,  she could stand to shed a few pounds. Has an old hoof injury to rear from when she was younger, so owner has always kept her shod in the back, she is sound and healthy. Owner is moving and had no where to keep her, she is now with us at our farm. This one is sound, sane and registered to boot! Took her on her first ride, did great under saddle!!
9-06 Missy has gone to her new home up north, sounds like she's settling in well and will be a spoiled family pet! Turn Her Up (AKA Missy) - Missy arrived 8-11, she's an 18 yr old TB mare, has been used as a broodmare for some time. Missy is a former racer, she has had both front legs pin-fired due to wear and tear from the track. She's sound, papered and pretty! She is broke to ride, but needs an experienced rider, we're told she's fast. Missy didn't bounce back well from her last foal, so is a little underweight, we'll be fattening her up. I haven't measured her, but she's probably 16 H or taller. She definitely needs an experienced handler/rider.  ( 8-16 she's finally going to settle down and enjoy grazing. She's much more relaxed and easier to handle after being here a week and settling in.
Trixie- What a sweet horse!! Even with eye ointment & working on the old leg wound daily, she's kept her sweet disposition. I got on her bareback during a lull at our Open House (I'm the worst bareback rider ever), she took it in stride even though it had been approx. 2 yrs since she was ridden.  This is the friendliest, calmest arabian we've ever seen! She's smaller @ approx. 14 H, would make an excellent kids horse. 9-15 We're treating her eyes aggressively with two types of ointments & are to be worming every 2 weeks. The disease is thought to be caused by internal parasite infestation. Beauty Mark (aka Trixie) is a 10 yr old registered Arabian mare. She has an old injury to her rear leg from barbed wire. She is well bred with Russian bloodlines, her grandsire is Muscat.
11-18 Red has been adopted! He'll be going home with the Ruckman family soon!  We were contacted by a former owner of Red! Apparently he's always been ridden with a hacakamore or just lead ropes on his halter (we've found him to be a little head shy & hard to bit, but he rides well with a side pull bridle). He has been ridden by kids & on trails. We really appreciate the contact & being filled in on his past. Picture at right was provided by his former owner. He is a beauty when in his peek condition!
More Adopted Horses
Thumper - Beautiful APHA 5 yr old paint. He was originally purchased for $5000, but proved to be too much horse for a beginner. He is definitely not a horse for a timid or inexperienced rider, and his ground manners needed work. After several visits, trainer & vet approval, Thumper will be going to his new home with Maddie (pictured at right during one of her trial visits). We wish them both the best!
Winnie - 6 yr AQHA Mare. Winnie took a kick to her right shoulder in April 2006 - spent time off getting sound & was put back to work January 07. She was doing well and was training to jump. However, she sustained an injury of some type to the right shoulder again in early May (found her with a laceration/puncture wound - unsure what occurred). Shoulder seems to bother her intermittently & jumping makes it worse - she's not lame. Winnie hasn't taken a bad step since we've had her, she took a western saddle well, very nice mare! Approx 15H solid sorrel. She needs at least a confident advanced beginner/novice rider. Adopted - pending results of HYYP testing (she's never exhibited symptoms & her sire is N/N).
Arrived 8-8-08 - Ty- 4 yr old TB/Paint cross - We had him gelded  August  15th and he did very well with that. He is approx. 16 Hands, has been fairly easy to handle. He loaded with just a little prompting. He's a little thin but  otherwise healthy. I love his unusual color, he has some roaning along his neck & withers. 8-26-08 - Stephanie Griffithhas got Ty trimmed, standing tied, and UNDER SADDLE IN JUST 3 DAYS!! No bucking/rearing, he has a lot to learn but has been very willing. We'll have Stephanie put at least 30 days put on him to get him started under saddle. He's picking up weight quickly. 12-28-08 Ty is off to Courtneys, hopefully he works out with her other horses.
10-20-2010 Saphire- 7 yr old sorrel QH mare, not registered but has been shown 4H. Western Pleasure mare who has also been ridden trails. She is a dream under saddle, great trot she can hold forever! She arrived with Odie, a cremello TW/QH cross. We would like to adopt them as a pair if possible. Odie isn't as well trained, but has a nice smooth gait, can be stubborn, but once you get him moving he does fine with a lead horse. Both had not been ridden for at least a year prior to arriving here, but did very well for being out of practice. No vices under saddle or in the stall. 11-19-10 Saphire & Odie have found a new home!