West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Adopted! Thanks Angela for giving these two older horses a permanent home! Arrived 5-14 Owner moving, 1 older gelding and mare for VERY light riding, nice kid beginner horses or companions.  Poco a 26 yr old former camp quarter horse and Rusty, a 31 yr old paint gelding. Both are sound and healthy. Don't let the age fool you! We have a 36 yr old appy here still going strong! We'd like to keep these 2 together, free to a good home. We do check up on placed horses!
ADOPTED! Thanks Kathy for giving a home to this wonderful mare! Purchased at auction 6-4. The man who brought her said she arrived to him in a too-small trailer. Her left eye was terribly swollen and had a cut above it (From hitting it on the trailer roof), large cut on her rear flank (bolt from the license plate was sticking through the trailer wall). Also has a cut on top of her head, and lower rear leg. We'll work on the injuries, and fatten her up, she's pretty thin. Even after her bad trailering experience, she loaded  nicely for us even though nervous. She's 6-7 years old, looks to be a thoroughbred, adoption fee $650. She's current on worming and all vaccinations &  vet checked. We do think she has vision problems with her right eye (not from the trailering, looks like an old injury)
Adopted! Beauty has been adopted by Barry & Carol (who also have another horse they got from us). She's 14 years old, has some health issues we needed to work on. She's jet black, approx. 16H, and broke to pull a buggy and ride. We've found the amish horses to be great for trails. Not spooky after all the yrs on the road! We hope we can get the rear leg working, and find her a home where she's better cared for. Judging by her hooves, and the scar on her rear, she was stalled after her injury with little attention. Her hooves are a mess, and she can't extend the injured rear leg.
Cassidy (aka Mr. Wonderful) is going to a new home. I hated to part with this guy, but I know he'll get much more attention at his new home with just one other mare than he does here with 20+ other horses. He arrived last August, and has taken over a year to fully recover from hoof abcesses that made him lame. He's now 100% sound, happy and healthy. Definitely worth the work and the wait to see him through. He's been my absolute favorite of the over 60 horses that have come to our farm. I'm happy to see him go to the Wards, I think he'll be a great horse for them.
More Adopted Horses
8-10-06 Thanks Lois for giving Ginger a home! She'll be showing her in the future. Ginger is a 3 yr old AQHA mare, just starting under saddle, Snap is her 05 filly. Both are bay, mom is approx. 13.3H tall, stocky in build. She was unintentionally bred as a yearling, so probably didn't reach her potential height. She has been ridden 5-6 times since, needs to learn all the basics, she should be pretty easy to train. Her filly is probably going to end up taller, she is not registered. We'll be working with Mom under saddle, I love riding the young ones. : ) Adoption fee $600.00.
Josh  & Barney, they came to us on trade. Their owner is taking a break from the Party Pony business, and just wanted a couple of nice older trail horses to ride, they took Misty home. We are open to many arrrangements to find horses good homes, adoption agreements do apply! Josh is 4 yrs old (I think, maybe 3) and a gelding, broke to ride for small kids. Barney has had kids led around on him, he is a cute little chocolate stallion. We will most likely have him gelded soon, the mares will drive him nuts! If you're looking for a mini stud, call quick! These 2 are almost identical to our resident mini's Porky & Mocha. : )
Adopted Horses
ADOPTED!! Dutchess - This pretty girl was spoken for almost as soon as she arrived. I thought I'd go ahead and post her pic. She is a 3 yr old Percheron filly, was amish owned, but not quite big enough to work the fields. Green broke and pretty sensible, but not used to a lot of attention. That's common with the amish horses we get, most have no idea what a treat is, and aren't used to being brushed or cuddled. They usually come around pretty quick. Congratulations Vickie and Dennis on your first horse!
ADOPTED!!! Arrived 10-19-05 - Cisco, 8 yr old QH gelding.  Rides well, needs work on neck reining, in good health. Loaded great, easy to handle. He will do a few crow-hops according to the lady we got him from, but nothing too bad. 11-12 I rode Cisco for the 1st time today (Mike has been riding him). He's done very well under saddle. No bucking or rearing, already has a good start to finish out to any discipline. He's a very nice horse, I can't believe no one has snatched this guy up! Low adoption fee of $450.00 for a young healthy horse!