"Shoptaw" - Ten year old registered TB gelding. He was a little thin, but otherwise in good health. He is an OTT thoroughbred, just over 16H, presumably pulled from the track for an injury. We'll be watching him closely for any signs of lameness. We've ridden him once since he arrived. He's very relaxed under saddle, just a tad stubborn, but that might be from just being out of practice. Shoptaws been sent to his new owner, along with Lady, a former pasture mate from his previous home.
West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Adopted Horses
Storm- 3 year old QH mix. He's a pretty tall one at 16+ hands. Storm was traded for an older mare, at 3 years he is broke to ride but had a little too much speed for his former owner. Nice looking horse! Storm is going home with our volunteer Lora, she liked his ornery streak, and has decided he's got the potential for whatever she decides to do. Update!! Storm has ligthened and dappled dramatically over the past few years. He is frequently seen modeling blankets for Rod's Western Palace catalogs!
Emily has found a wonderful new home, thanks Brian & Rochelle for taking this sweet girl! She's 15 yr old Belgian/Percheron draft mare, former amish horse trained to pull farm equipment & broke to ride. When we 1st saw Emily approx. one month ago, she was underweight due to having a foal and not recovering her weight from that birth yet. We went to pick her up on 12-11, and found that in an attempt to put weight back on her quickly, she had been given large amounts of corn and had foundered. She could barely walk to our trailer, and had been standing in a small pen in manure and urine. She had put on a large amount of weight (approx. 200 lbs) in less than a month. We'll be working with our farrier to try to get her feet improved.
More Adopted Horses
3-7 We purchased miniature horses Porterhouse & Lacey to make sure they got some overdue attention. Both need extensive farrier care, Lacey's are the worst, you can see one back hoof of Porterhouse in the above photo. Lacey also has distended shoulders as a result of not being able to walk on her mis-shapen feet. We took for xrays so that the farrier could determine where the coffin bones were located to begin the long process of trying to undo the damage. These 2 will be going home with our employee Karen!
ADOPTED! New arrival Saturday 6-18 "Jackie". 24 yr old registered QH mare. Grey, has been used as a broodmare. We saddled her up. We think she's been a broodmare for awhile, and seems to have forgotten everything! She jumped a little while cinching her. Other than that, she wouldn't move unless one of us was leading her. ; ) She does stop at "whoa", but was not inspired to go forward or turn unless we led her. We'll keep working on her riding skills.

6-1-08 Jewel - TB mare. We were told she was in her teens, looking at her teeth, more like 11/12. She is a nice horse, built a little stockier than most TB's. Right at 16H. We saddled her up western and she did pretty well. She doesn't neck rein, prefers a loose rein. With a little tune up, she'll be a nice one! I already have had one person look, and others interested, she won't be here long. 6-6-08 Jewel has gone out on trial to see if she's suitable for endurance.