ADOPTED! Magic arrived 7-17-04. He's a gorgeous 12 yr old registered Saddlebred with front end lameness. We thought Magic was going to be adopted as a companion horse, but he is still available. 11-12-05 Finally! After over a year here, and 2 months adopted at one home as a pasture pet (He was returned due to the deteriorating health of his adopter) we think Magic has found a permanent home. Thanks Tasha for giving Magic a new home! She has plenty of experience, and Magic behaved well for her under saddle even though he has not been ridden since March. He's got a great personality, just needed a confident rider to give him a chance.
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Adopted Horses
ADOPTED! Peanut - Cute little guy we purchased on Mother's Day. He's not been handled much at all, but loaded with very little fuss. We had him gelded 5-12-05. He's 3 years old, approx 12 Hands tall. Very head shy, but within a few minutes of petting him he settled considerably. Once broke would make a great pony. He looks like a small horse, very well built! Now that he's been gelded he should settle down.
ADOPTED!! Angel - Purchased at auction 4-2, around 10 yrs old. She's gaining weight and shedding out. Will shed out to be a beautiful dapple grey, fleabitten sorrel all over. Does not like dogs or smaller animals (goats). We'll see if she adapts to other companions, gets along fine with other horses. Experienced person only, she'll need a lot of work, not recommended for a home with small kids, SHE WILL KICK!! She'd be a great project horse for someone with the time to bring her around slowly, very distrustful of people. She's come a long way, and is doing great under saddle.
ADOPTED!! Purchased at auction 6-4. 7-8 year old paint mare, looks and temperment of a draft cross. Approx. 15.2 hands (need to measure her). Very easy going, loaded great. She was ridden bareback in the auction ring, we'll try her under saddle here. We think she's going to make an excellent trail prospect! Won't be here long!! Update: We saddled her up, and think that might have been her 1st time. She was a little nervous being saddled, fine with a rider but needs to be taught! No attempt to rear/buck or run. HOWEVER, she does jump! Over fences...we're working on that.
Suzie Q is a 7 yr old paint mare (possibly an arab mix). Poor girl has been adopted and returned twice. 1st owner moved out of state after just a few months. Her 2nd adopter couldn't afford medical treatment for a growth on her mouth. We'll be taking care of that. She's right at 14H, broke to ride but could use some work on neck reining. We hope to find her a permanent home, she won't be here long!!
More Adopted Horses
Purchased 1-7-06 from one of our adopters who had bought this mare to find her a better home. She is friendly, broke to ride (though we won't be trying her for a while) and very pretty. We'll be getting the vet out ASAP to look her over, she's in dire need of dental care, and needs to put on some more weight. We'll also be doing some blood work to rule out any other problems, She's drinking larger quantities of water than normal for a horse her size. She just hasn't had proper care for most of her life it appears. ADOPTED! Thanks Karen for taking this sweet girl home.
Pitch Out- 5 year old registered TB off track gelding. He was injured at the track when another horse flipped in the gate beside him and kicked his leg. Photo of his x-ray @ right, he has a fracture to the rear left leg. He still has some time off before he can be ridden.5-3 We saddled Pitch up for the 1st time. He's had about 8-9 months off since his injury. The swelling in the ankle is down to almost normal. He did fine walking, but will probably need to be worked very slowly to build strength. 6-27-08 Pitch is being adopted by Bethany, we hope he works out for her!
Adpted! Baby Girl aka "Millie" has found a home with the Buck family!! Baby had injured her back end in the pasture 3 days before we picked her up in August, their vet ruled out any breaks but she' was not supporting herself well in the rear and was in a lot of pain. She fell while we were trying to load her (on the side of a busy highway). It took us about an hour, and several tries with a winch & boom to get her up and into the trailer. Click here to read more about Baby's ordeal. We've spent approx. $1,500 on her care to date.