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Adopted Horses
"Stormy" is an OTT Thoroughbred mare. Approx. 24 years old. She's big and beautiful, standing over 16H!  She's been pasture boarded for the past 1 1/2 years with little handling. We FINALLY tried her out under saddle. Stormy did very well for not having been ridden for over 2 yrs. No bucking, rearing of any type. She wants to go, but slowed down when asked. Will be going home with Bruce soon to see if she'll work as a new trail horse.
Sarah - 7 Year old former race horse. TB, chestnut.  Beautiful mover, gorgeous confirmation. Sarah is currently in training with Stephanie Griffith. She's been riding her both english and western, and she's doing well. We did not get her papers as we were promised, so she will adopt without papers. Thanks to Alan and Rhonda, we're sure Sarah will be a wonderful addition to your farm!
More Adopted Horses
Christies Heiress - 14 yr old Registered QH mare with papers. She had been adopted out, but proved too much work to be enjoyed. She's also been beating up on her pasture mate. Chrissy can put on quite the rodeo show when being saddled. Once under saddle, she was better, but did buck a rider on one occaision here. She's healthy & looking good. "Chrissy" is now at her new home in Bluffton, we hope she'll make a nice addition to Mary's farm.
5-25-06 ADOPTED! Jean (AKA Blaze) is a 7 yr old former amish buggy horse who has also been ridden under saddle. She foaled in summer of 2005. Unfortunately, she has been aggressive to her pasture mates. We'll see if she does better being fed in a stall environment, and who she does best being pastured with. She is 16H's, recommending for a person with experience. Great potential as a trail horse. Thanks to Connie, who has adopted and placed horses with us in the past. Connie also does rescue work, and has decided to take Jean home!
Zayne - Paint gelding, 2 yrs old. Has been treated for EPM with Marquis paste. Treatment is expensive at $620 per month, plus blood tests to confirm the exposure. It appears that the Marquis treatment has been very successful. Zayne doesn't exhibit the stiffness in his rear end that he had on arrival. He's doing well under saddle, he's been steady and very receptive to the bit & saddle. He seems plenty steady at walk/ trot. We're riding him whenever possible, he's coming along nicely. I don't think he'll ever be a show or contesting horse, he'll always be off a little in the rear. He'll be a good-looking trail horse for someone! I do have the paperwork to register Zayne with the APHA. Great trail or family horse prospect.

5-14-07 Morgan, approx 7 yr old Morgan mare. Broke to ride but can be stubborn, no bucking or rearing, just needs motivated. Had been used for 4H in the past. Current owners just don't have the time to devote to their horses, so her pasturemate Mack will be coming along too! We'll tune Morgan up under saddle. Morgan has been spoken for!
8-20-06 ADOPTED!! Lily will be going to a new home in Antwerp, she'll have a big family to love on her! Lily's Little Twister (aka Snap) - Cute little bay 05 filly. She is the filly of Ginger, an AQHA mare we recently adopted. Mom was unintentionally bred as a yearling, so never quite reached her height potential. Snap is also on the small side compared to others her age. We were able to register Ginger AQHA (cost quite a bit as she was over 2), registration is pending for Snap with the AQPA. Snap would be great as quarter pony prospect due to her height. I don't expect her to get much taller than 13H.