Adopted Horses
West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Charlie, a cute little pony of undetermined breed, approximately 10-15 yrs old. He came to us in great health, he's broke to ride, hasn't bucked, but will jump if startled. His previous owner thought he was just a little too much for the grandkids. Charlie is now home with his new 6 yr old owner Jordan! Although young, she is already riding her moms 15.3 H horse. Now she has something closer to her size to ride!
Belle - 6 yr old Percheron mare, in foal for April. She has some unusual lumps along her back, we'll need to have the vet determine what they are, and treatment. She has a nice disposition. Belle has been adopted by Sandra, who has previously adopted from us. We hope Belle works out as well as Gabe has!
Starflight-Registered Anglo-Arab mare (and the dam of "Razz" pictured above - came in from entirely different situations months apart, but oddly, we got Starflights papers with Razz and figured it out). She'd had a foal in June, and her former owners were having a hard time getting her to gain weight back. "Star" has been adopted by Bill and Pam Frank. She's coming along nicely under saddle, and they think she's made a nice addition to their barn. Hopefully she'll be a great trail horse for them! Update: 9-20-05 Pam called me with the sad news that Star had to be euthanized. She had developed large growths, the vet determined they were malignant and the cause of her weight loss and depression. We thank the Franks for giving Star a loving home during the final months of her much too short life, she was only 16.
We've finally found a home for Blue! She was purchased at the August auction with a filly at her side. A large pony/small horse mare, she stands right at 13H. Started under saddle, she was on her way to becoming an excellent horse for the right person. Blue has been adopted and is now makinf her home in Yellow Springs. She'll be worked with more under saddle, and trained to pull a cart!
Sissy- Anglo-arab filly. Thanks Sharene for giving "Raz" a new home!! She's already been working with her, and has had her 7 year old daughter on her back in just about a months time! We're seeing a lot of these anglo-arabs from a breeding program near here. The former owner has passed away, these are great endurance prospects.
More adopted horses!
Arrived 4-2, and took her one day to get filthy! Likes the pond! A nice 3 yr old light palomino filly. Has not been started under saddle, we worked with her a bit her 2nd day here, stands for brushing (too cold to hose off that mud) loads and leads well. Pretty sensible for a young horse, very nice looking! A small one at approx. 13.2-13.3 Hands. This beautiful filly has found a new home!

Cheyenne - 6 yr old registered paint mare. She had an old, severe wound to her rear leg. Her former owner had been working with OSU for 2 yrs with no luck. After 6 months of dressing changes, and trying alternate treatment methods, we had it almost entirely healed. The leg will always be larger with scar tissue, but she's sound and is doing well with new owner Blair!
Missy - Arrived 7-24-08 (via efforts from an indivudual and Voice for Horses rescue in Toledo with West Wind Stables). Yearling TB filly, hasn't been handled much, was a neglect case. Our first impression of her is she has a nice disposition, easy to handle for haltering, leading etc. She's approx 14.2H currently, We'll provide more details after we've had a little time to get to know her. 9-13-08 Adopted! Missy went home to Liberty Center, her owners had tried Red (next page) for a jumper, he doesn't like jumping. Hopefully Missy will fit the bill as a jumper!