West Wind Stables
Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation
Adopted Horses
Sammy (Quarter horse)- (a.k.a Palomino Boy) was purchased at an auction from a man who hauls for slaughter. He went down hill shortly after we got him home. It is believed he was left on a trailer for several days w/o water, and had started to go into kidney failure. With iv's, medication, and some TLC, Sammy was saved and has been adopted by a great family who loves having him!
Traveller (TB) -  Purchased at the same auction as Sammy(above) by a slaughter hauler. Traveller is a 16 hand retired racer with an old injury to his front knee. The knee is disfigured, but Trav is still an excellent horse, he can be ridden but is no longer able to race.
Axe (TB) - (Axedentally)  is a 16 hand+ retired racer with an old fracture to his front ankle. While he is not able to be ridden aggresively, he does well for light riding on level surfaces.

Tequila (QH) came to us as a yearling with EPM, and with several rounds of medication is doing very well. Axe & Tequila have been adopted.
"Frida" Approx. 30yr old, QH mare. She was in the worst shape of the horses we brought home from an auction. She had untreated wounds, was dehydrated and weak when we got her home. Frida passed away after 3 months here. We'd like to think those 3 months of regular feeding, pasture, treats and attention helped make up for some of her bad times. She had the good fortune of having Robert and Margo Hunter sponser her and giving her some TLC.
"A Laughing Devil" aka Danny has been adopted! He is a 14 year old retired 16.1 hand TB endurance racer who came to us from West Jefferson Ohio. Has had 60 days training with Stephanie Griffith in Richwood, and is ready to hit the trails!! Danny will be going home with the Harvey family to see if he'll be a good fit for their family. We will gladly accept any horse back for a refund of the adoption fee for any horse that doesn't work out. We want the horses and their adopters to be happy.
More adopted horses.
Chex My Copy" aka Chex is a 5 yr old registered QH gelding w/ Carbon Copy and SnickleFritz lines. He tends to act studdy, but has been doing much better after having 60 days of professional training. Chex was adopted by Amber Carnes, he handled beautifully for her, we think they'll do great in the future!
10-18 Wilbur - Can't think of a better name, this one was covered with burrs. He is the one we picked up after a call from the Sheriffs Dept. He had apparently been roaming around the area for nearly a year. No one claimed him, he seems pretty mellow. He loaded right up, stands fine for grooming (I've got his mane brushed out, haven't started the tail yet). He looks to be a QH, gelded, just needs some weight. Mike guessed him to be mid to late teens, but checked in the dark. We'll try to estimate his age, Mike got on him, he is broke to ride. He was rusty, gave a little bunny hop, but then moved on. He's been trained in the past. Free to a good home! 4-09 Wilbur has gone home with Kendall as a pleasure riding horse.